One UP Fit’s mission is to educate and deliver a MAGIC OF MOTION training and playful atmosphere for seniors and others in the community to gain critical skills to prevent falls and to enjoy vitally independence.


The bold vision of One UP Fit is a life aid to joyfully lift people UP emotionally and physically for stability and strength.


One UP's founder, Toni Phillips suffered a serious fall that resulted in hip replacement surgery. Upon completing physical therapy, her search for support in the journey to recovery realized that existing programs –

(1) were not easily accessible for the public, and

(2) did not address the spectrum of needs for recovering mobility.


Being a retired science teacher began researching and developing her own self-administered physical therapy program and develop exercises based on dance.  She felt her hip gaining the desired range of motion. She soon was leading dance classes and notice noticed the number of students injured due to falls.


The stories all reflected: 

Broken Arms 

Painfully Bruised Faces,

Hip, Knee and Back Injuries.

This awareness drove Toni to investigate why so many friends were falling and how she could help.


Through dedicated research, Toni discovered that falling is a global crisis. Despite the research conducted, there are

NO adequate fall prevention programs for the general population 

As an active community member in Louisiana, Toni once championed the very needs of our youth. She has transitioned from leading as a scout leader, educator, and is now a pioneer in the field of fall prevention.


By blending her personal experience, training, and research, Toni launched the One Up Fall Prevention program — a fitness experience incorporating easy to follow dance principals, fun activities and music. A program so entertaining that almost anyone can enjoy a safer life and have a blast doing it!

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Always consult with your doctor before starting an exercise program.

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