Creative Ways to Declutter

It happens to all of us. Eventually, our homes just become too small because of all the stuff we accumulate over the years. When it came time to consolidate my mom's home, my home, and my office under one roof... well we just had way too much stuff.

At first I was overwhelmed and did not want to even look at and deal with everything that was around me. Eventually I grew tired of crawling over my bed to get to my closet and had to take charge and declutter. There are some very real benefits to declutter:

  1. Safer to navigate around an uncluttered home

  2. Less to clean

  3. Stay better organized

Here are few tips on how I was able to clear a few pathways, make the home safer, and everyone feel better.

Take Your Time...

You don't have to spend days and weeks at a time decluttering. I started with one drawer and decided I would devote 10 minutes of my day to cleaning it out. After a few days I started to get more and more motivated. Soon I had cleaned out the kitchen cabinets.

One Day Give Away...

Give away one item a day. Set something aside that you want to share with your family or close friends. It's time to pass on a few items and let other enjoy them. Don't forget charity counts as well. Donate items to help other people is great for the spirit.

Sell It and Replace It...

Sometimes you just gotta let it go. If you haven't used your food processor in 5 years, consider how much space it is taking up. You don't have to give it away, consider selling some of the bigger items. If it is something you just can't live without, maybe it's time to sell it and purchase a smaller less cluttered version.

If it's time to get rid of clothes, you don't have to give the nicer items away. You can use an online consignment store called, Thread Up they send you the bags to fill up with your clothes, you fill up the bags, and send back to them. The postage is prepaid! In return you get cash or credit for your clothes!

Get Some Help

Parting with our stuff is not always easy. If you need to call in a friend to help you out that's okay. They can encourage you and make an overwhelming experience fun!

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